The Australian Design Alliance (ADA) is the alliance of peak professional organisations that represent designers across all aspects of Australia's design industry. We are a not for profit industry group.

The ADA’s goal

Our goal is to promote the use of design as strategy to boost Australia’s productivity, sustainability and innovation.

The ADA emerged from a series of consultations about how design should be an integral element of Australia’s national innovation system at a time of rapidly changing business models and processes.

Australia’s design professionals are internationally renowned for their creative skills, project management and teamwork. These are crucial capabilities for a more productive Australian economy.

What we do

The Australian Design Alliance is pursuing three resolutions mandated by over 100 design sector representatives at its Launch event in September 2010.

  1. National design policy linked to Australia’s innovation agenda.
  2. Education and design skills at all levels from school to tertiary and professional education.
  3. Case studies demonstrating how good design can contribute to improved economic growth through supporting superior business models and improved public sector service delivery.

How you can help

The ADA relies on industry support to staff a small part time secretariat. To find out how you can help shape a more innovative, creative and resilient economy, please contact us.