ADA to Beijing Design Week

We are delighted to announce that ADA Chair Oliver Kratzer has been selected to represent the ADA on the inaugural Australian delegation to Beijing Design Week later this month.

The Australian Embassy in Beijing is organising this inaugural delegation as part of the Australian Government’s ongoing promotion of Australian creative industries in China.

The delegation will work towards encouraging greater institutional and people-to-people links between Australian and Chinese design and architecture associations and industries, promoting Australian design, architecture, creativity and urbanism in China, and realising a greater Australian presence at Beijing Design Week in future years.

The delegation visit will involve a variety of activities to introduce delegation members to Beijing Design Week, fellow asociations and practitioners in China, as well as broader opportunities relating to the design, architecture and business environment in China.

Following the visit, the ADA will be hosting a forum to share reflections and insights on the Beijing Design week experience.

  • ADA to Beijing Design Week