Archikidz! Inspiring tomorrow’s thinkers and city-makers

Archikidz’s bold new programme to inspire tomorrow’s thinkers and city-makers was officially launched in The Rocks last week.

Archikidz is a not for profit organisation, providing a dynamic learning platform for inspiring and educating kids, about the built environment. In September 2014 Archikidz will hold its inaugural regional event – Archikidz Goes BUSH – a joint initiative of Archikidz, the CORRIDOR project & Cowra Public School. Participating schools were represented last night by Cowra Public School Principal Bradley Tom and Assistant Principal Kerry Cole, Cowra High School Principal Charles Gauci and Mulyan Public School Principal John Smith.

Archikidz Goes BUSH is being supported by Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), Cowra Shire Council and the numerous participating schools. Over three days, 300 kids from 13 regional schools have the unique opportunity to work alongside architects, landscape architects, urban designers & engineers, designing and constructing on a large-scale around the theme Shelter.

The CORRIDOR project is a regional and not for profit company, based at Riverslea Station Woolshed on the banks of the Lachlan River twenty minutes from, Cowra NSW. The name corridor was chosen to suggest both corridors of learning and environmental corridors. The patrons of the CORRIDOR project are Andrew and Cate Upton. “Archikidz Goes BUSH is a fantastic initiative on three different levels – for the CORRIDOR project, from a design and architecture perspective and as an opportunity for regional communities.” said Dylan Gower one of the directors of the CORRIDOR project.

“The long-term objective is to establish Archikidz Goes BUSH as an educational program, to be made available to children throughout NSW. The working model would see partnership with regional schools to provide a unique educational experience for kids to work together on a collaborative project – exploring, creating and imagining their own town and surrounding environs in a new way” said Emma Rees-Raaijmakers, Archikidz Executive Producer and Creative Director.

The new direction of Archikidz includes increased reach, collaboration with schools within curriculum, broad industry engagement and partnerships with local councils. “The built environment belongs to everyone and most importantly, our kids. Kids see and understand our communities differently than adults do. Through Archikidz’s extensive program of education we are placing design on the agenda and investing in our future places”, said Vanessa Trowell, director.

Archikidz began in Amsterdam, The Netherlands a decade ago as an architectural workshop for kids. Events are now held annually in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bergen, Barcelona and Buenos Aries annually. The inaugural Archikidz event in Australia was held at Carriageworks in Sydney in October 2012. Since then more than 800 kids have participated in an Archikidz event.

  • Archikidz! Inspiring tomorrow’s thinkers and city-makers