Australian Fashion Associations Merge

Council of Textile & Fashion and Australian Fashion Chamber Merge to become Australian Fashion Council
On Wednesday 18th October 2017, the two premier industry bodies, the Australian Fashion Chamber (AFC) and the Council for Textile and Fashion (CTF), announced their intention to merge demonstrating that Australia’s fashion and textile community is united and working collaboratively.

The two entities made the announcement during a Fashion Forum held with the Hon Minister Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade. The bi-annual Forum was originally set up with the AFC in order to bring the various areas of the industry together to discuss contemporary issues across the industry from primary industry through to retail.

For more information visit: https://ausfashioncouncil.com/council-of-textile-fashion-blog/2017/ctfandafctomerge
and, https://au.linkedin.com/company/ausfashioncouncil

  • Australian Fashion Associations Merge