Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear Vision Video

The Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Vision Video was developed as part of an International Fibre Centre (IFC) project run by the TFIA’s Textile & Fashion Hub.

The aim of the video was to capture and present the TCF industry’s vision for the sector’s future.

The video will be used to support industry growth by providing clear calls to action for government and other relevant stakeholders.

It will help to build stronger and more collaborative relationships and will highlight key areas for opportunity and support.

The video features several key industry spokespeople, giving their insights and thoughts into the sector and its future.  It highlights where the sector currently sits and its key needs moving forward.

The aim is to share this vision – engaging with the sector itself, other interested parties, government and consumers.

The video was created because there was an urgent and vital need think about and articulate where the TCF industry is heading.

  • This includes a vision of where the sector wants to be and how to get there
  • Like a business plan, if businesses have no direction mapped out they are on the road to nowhere fast.  This is the TCF sector’s plan for the future.
  • This includes looking at a way to pinpoint the role that the Textile & Fashion Hub can play in shaping the industry for the future.
  • Film is an engaging medium to capture and present the industry’s vision for its future.

Key Messages include:

  • The TCF industry has skills and knowledge gaps and needs to look at how to rectify this.
  • The TCF sector plays an important social and economic role within Australia.
  •  Government support is, key to building a strong, resilient and innovative sector that benefits both the sector and the community.
  • In today’s world, sustainability must underpin the future of the TCF sector and it needs support to integrate this within current businesses.

 Watch the video here.