Melbourne Adopts IFI Interiors Declaration

The International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers (IFI) and its local representative, the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) are pleased to announce that the City of Melbourne has become the second Australian city to officially adopt the Declaration, which recognises the interior built environment as a significant and integral part of urban life.

The declaration provides the basis from which design policies can be forms as ell as identifying initiatives and opportunities for interior design professionals. It was formed at a global symposium in New York in 2011, where 100 delegates from 30 countries met to discuss the issues surrounding the interior architecture and design profession.

Sydney was the first city to adopt the declaration, and it is hoped that Adelaide and Perth will soon follow suit.

  • Melbourne Adopts IFI Interiors Declaration
  • L-R: James Harper, Joanne Cys, Robert Doyle, Julie Hobbs, Pru Sanderson