New UK Creative Industries Federation

The Creative Industries Federation is the new independent voice of the UK’s arts, cultural and creative industries.  Launched in November 2014, the CIF is independent of government, represents all sectors, bridges public and private and spans the whole of the UK.  

Perhaps we need to create something similar here in Australia to help our creative sector to thrive into the future.

In the first 12 months their work will cover:

  • Activities – Through our lobbying, research and networks we will increase the impact of a sector that, lacking a unified independent voice, has sometimes failed to pack a political punch that matches its social and economic contribution. We will deliver practical benefit to our members, bringing together large and small, public and private across the country in a number of ways. At the heart of everything we do will be a determination to ensure that the present and the next generation of artists and creators have the support, training and entrepreneurialism to thrive.
  • Advocacy – Through our Advisory Council, UK Council and Policy Groups we aim to transform the impact of the creative industries in terms of representation in government and beyond. We will initially focus on issues such as education, finance and funding, diversity and digital development. We will encourage members to break out of single sector silos in order to identify common interests and pushing those issues more cohesively onto the public agenda. Our work will be bold and robust but based in party-political neutrality.
  • Research – In its inaugural year, the Creative Industries Federation’s research team will produce their first Annual Assessment- a definitive study of the competitive position of UK public arts and culture and commercial creative companies. To be presented in 2015, it will set a new standard in qualitative as well as quantitative benchmarking. Comparing the performance of our individual creative industries with that of other countries, it will assess relative strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From education and skills, to fiscal and other policies, it will provide a clear set of policy recommendations based around international best practices. We intend for this annual assessment to become a key yearly fixture in the national debate on the future of the public arts and creative industries.

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