Sydney Architecture Festival 2014

Connections – The making of a great city

1-10 NOVEMBER 2014

This year the Sydney Architecture Festival looks at the vital role that transport and infrastructure plays in the making of a great city.  Both old and new, with a scale and impact felt across the whole city, these people-moving projects define the character of the city both now and into the future.  From specially designed tours, talks and exhibitions – to a public colloquium ‘Growing Greater Sydney – Connecting People and Places’ that explores the role of our major transport projects in connecting Sydney’s growth regions, unlocking unemployment potential and shaping a better New South Wales. We invite you to connect with Sydney on the move.

For more information on the Festival email info@sydneyarchitecturefestival.org http://www.sydneyarchitecturefestival.org/


  • Sydney Architecture Festival 2014